About Us

About Us

welcome to metistechnical

metistechnical was created in 2016 by airline professionals with a long and successful history of regional and international operations.

As a result, metistechnical has gained significant expertise in technical services for commercial aircraft, contributing to the establishment of a strong and reputable presence.

metistechnical has a global customer base and is a key provider for a wide range of companies in the aerospace sector, from the world’s largest OEMs and Operators to top aircraft leasing companies.

metistechnical provide bespoke technical services to airlines, leasing companies, and maintenance companies globally, with offices located in both County Clare and County Dublin. Our expertise lies in a range of aircraft transition and support solutions, tailored to guide you through intricate and demanding projects. Backed by an essential core team and highly proficient consultants, we possess extensive knowledge spanning over 40 years of direct experience in various areas of aviation.

Combined with a genuine passion for what we do, the metistechnical team know we are the right choice for you.

Our Core Values

At metistechnical we pride ourselves on being fully committed to every project we take on.

Establishing a robust relationship between our team and clients is of utmost importance to us, as we are committed to delivering top-quality services. We prioritize transparency and professionalism, always providing honest opinions, even if it may not align with our immediate interests.

Why Us?

Our dedicated team of technical services engineers ensure you will be in the best possible position throughout the entire duration of the project, we will liaise in a professional & friendly manner with the next Lessee as well as address and action all OIL issues & email queries in a timely fashion.

Our team are highly skilled with qualifications such as

With Experience in

Our teams IT abilities

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