Part 145 Services

Maintenance Cost Management

metistechnical has over 100 years collective consultancy engine shop visit management experience;

Return to Service GO-TEAM & AOG Support

metistechnical offers valuable assistance to enhance your airline operations through professional and dedicated engineering support, prioritizing the highest standards of operational safety. 

Going beyond standard Transit, Daily, and Weekly Checks, our Line Maintenance capabilities feature experienced personnel who can promptly and efficiently address technical issues on the aircraft. We continually expand our pool of skilled professionals, ready for deployment on short notice for both short-term and longer-term appointments. Our specialization includes providing licensed and unlicensed maintenance staff, as well as administrative and management personnel. Additionally, we offer AOG (Aircraft on Ground) support, along with a comprehensive range of aerospace engineering services, including cutting-edge project and in-country management. Renowned for assembling expert and skilled teams, we excel in delivering turnkey packages to clients worldwide.

Aircraft Storage & Parking

When storing your aircraft, we take all safety considerations into account such as.

Structural Support

Some of our previous AOG repair services include:

Although we have extensive experience on the above repairs, we are not limited to these repairs only and welcome all and any request for AOG and routine repairs

Engine Support

metistechnical operates around the clock, 24/7, to offer swift-response repair services on a global scale. Our exceptionally qualified team is well-prepared to handle a wide range of AOG requirements, spanning from routine deferrals and parts replacements to the assessment of aircraft damage and even extensive on-site structural repairs.

Our adept engineers possess the requisite expertise to tackle intricate aerospace design projects effectively. The multidisciplinary team at Metis Technical possesses a deep understanding of the aerospace sector and its regulatory framework. This knowledge empowers us to efficiently execute significant aircraft modifications and address extensive repair tasks with minimal revisions, all while ensuring timely completion.

On-Site BSIs

An aviation borescope is vital for the following reasons,
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